Tuscan Gold Series Registers and Returns

Gold Tuscan
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Gold Tuscan
Gold Tuscan
Manufacturing time is 5 weeks


Lifetime Limited Warranty


Lifetime Limited Warranty


Color, Color, Color, Color, Color, Color, Color, Damper, Duct Size, Duct Size,


Oil Rubbed Bronze
Brushed Stainless Steel
Custom Colors (14 Finishes)
Duct Size:
2 x 10
Duct Size:
2 x 12
Duct Size:
2 x 14
Duct Size:
4 x 8
Duct Size:
4 x 10
Duct Size:
4 x 12
Duct Size:
4 x 14
Duct Size:
6 x 10
Duct Size:
6 x 12
Duct Size:
6 x 14
Duct Size:
8 x 8
Duct Size:
8 x 10
Duct Size:
8 x 12
Duct Size:
10 x 10
Duct Size:
10 x 12
Duct Size:
12 x 12
Duct Size:
Custom Sizes
Color Matching Screws
Ships In:
4 Weeks - Made to Order
Wall Return
Ceiling Register
Ceiling Return
Floor Register
Floor Return
Product Category:
Vent Covers



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Tuscan Gold Series Registers and Returns
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Steel Designs Gold Series Features & Specifications

  • Any Standard Design
  • Any Standard Finish
  • Any Supply Size
  • Any Return Size
  • Any Exhaust Fan Size
  • Any Filter Frame Size
  • Works with all Accessories
  • Comes with color matched mounting screws

Typical Measurements - Schematic

Gold Series Finish Options

Gold Series Design Options

Design Options

Optional Accessories

Opposing Blade Damper (OBD)

  • Opposing Blade Damper (OBD): Operated with a flat-blade screwdriver and recessed behind the face of the register for to maximize the beauty of your register.

Operating the Damper

Air Deflector

  • Air Deflectors: Direct the airflow multiple directions - installed behind the face of the register.

Mesh Backer

Mesh Backer: For use in exterior applications where pests may have access.

Speaker Cloth

Speaker Cloth: Transform your custom grilles to amazing speaker grilles in any size or shape.

Solid Backer

Solid Backer: Blocks airflow and noise. Powder coated black giving the void look behind the face of the grille.

Concealment Louver

Concealment Louvers: Available for return grilles; blocks or conceal unsightly ductwork behind the face of the grille.

Wheel Damper

Wheel Dampers: Found exclusively on the 2.25 x 10, 2.25 x 12, and 2.25 x 14 sizes. Operated with a thumbwheel.

Beautiful, Classic, and Timeless Registers and Returns

The Gold Series caters to all tastes, with an unmatched selection of designs, finishes, and custom features your sure to find the perfect compliment to any home. Design flexibility is the key to making a house a home and with many custom upgrades at no additional charge you will always find just what you need in our Gold Series.

Gold Series is 100% Made in the U.S.A. and is covered by a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Your vent register and returns don’t have to be flashy in order to compliment your home and complete your interior decoration. Subtle, yet beautiful is key here, and it’s beautifully mastered with this vent cover. If you’re looking for quality, durable, and cost-effective decorative air vent covers, then look no further. This vent allows for maximum air flow and also maximizes your homes natural beauty. View our registers and returns for more options to beauty your home now

Measuring for a Register or Air Return
Steel Designs Gold Series - Decorative Registers and Returns

Hinged Air Returns

Hinged Air Return

Registers & Returns

Pro Series Floor Registers

Baseboard & Gravity

Gold Series Baseboards
Steel Designs Series Product Categories

Bronze Series

Available in Tuscan, or most popular design, in standard sizes, and in our most popular three finishes. These decorative registers and grilles are easy to install and ready when you need them, and cost 40% less than typical options.

Silver Series

Looking for our most popular series? The Silver Series has six designs from contemporary to traditional and the option to choose from one to five finishes to match your decor, including the much requested oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Gold Series

Gold Series caters to all tastes, with an unmatched selection of designs, finishes, and custom features your usre to find the perfect compliment to any home. Design flexibility is the key to making a house a home.

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