Measuring for Floor, Wall, & Ceiling Registers and Air Returns (Not Hinged Air returns)

Vent Cover Measuring Basics - How Do I Measure Vent Covers?

Step 1

Remove the Existing Register or Air Return.

Step 2

Measure the Duct Opening.

Select the vent cover based on the duct. For Filter frames, order by the size of the filter.

Step 3

Order and Install the New Vent Cover.

Measuring Hinged Air Returns

Hinged Air Returns

Hinged Air Returns allow easy access to changing the filter.

Order these Hinged Air Returns by the SIZE OF THE FILTER. For example, if you have a 24" x 24" then the proper size to order is 24" x 24"

Measuring for Flushmount Wood Registers & Returns


Flush Mount Wood Registers & Returns are available in two, distinct types.

The flush mount with frame (pictured) is typically installed when flooring is installed. For sizing, please use the duct size and reference the overall frame size for installation.

The flush mount no frame is also ordered by measuring the duct size; however, the overall size of the opening must be considered. For example, a 4" x 10" flush mount wood register has an overall size of 6" x 12".

Measuring for Baseboard Registers & Returns


For Baseboard Registers & Returns, measure the overall length needed. If the length needed is 15" then you would order the corresponding baseboard register or return. The image below is an example of the dimensions of one of our baseboard register.

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