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Steel Designs Pro-Linear Registers & Returns


Steel Designs Pro-Linear Registers & Returns

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Steel Designs Pro-Linear Registers & Returns

This series is a significant step up from standard bar linear registers. Rugged enough to be recommended for floor use, our Pro-Linear Series brings considerable refinement, and conveys a clear sense of style. 1/8” thick steel is used on all supplies and returns and is available with an optional attached air control damper.

Steel Designs Pro-Linear Details

  • Bar-Linear Pattern
  • 5 Finish Choices
  • More than 50 sizes available
  • Works with all Accessories
  • Comes with color matched mounting screws
  • White, Black, Silver, Brushed Stainless Steel and Oil Rubbed Bronze Available
  • Has a 3/4" Lip that protrudes into duct; Dampers require 2-3/4" depth
  • Manufactured at the time of ordering




Optional Accessories


Concealment Louvers

Beveled Edge

Speaker Cloth

 Air Deflectors

 Mesh Backer

 Solid Backer




 speakercloth.jpg  air-deflector-4way-s.jpg  meshbacker.jpg  solidbacker.jpg

The concealment louver is a valuable accessory for any return grille that helps block, or conceal, the unsightly ductwork behind the grille's face.

Useful in softening the appearance of any supply or return, or simply preventing a stubbed toe on a floor grille, our bevel edge is affordable and useful.

Typically offered in either black or white, the speaker cloth backer transforms our product into amazing speaker grilles in any size or shape.

 Often airflow requirement on a project requires air deflection. Air deflectors are a simple option when 1, 2, 3, or 4 way blow patterns are needed.  Often these products are used in outdoor areas where bugs may have access. The mesh backer adds an important barrier on any product when the need arises.  A solid backer on any of our products blocks airflow and noise and is typically mounted on the 3/4-inch frame and powder coated black giving the void look behind the grille face.


Available Silver Series Registers (Supply's)

Silver Series Register Options

Available Silver Series Air Returns


Silver Series Air Return Options 

Silver Series Hinged Air Returns (RAFF's) 

Silver Series Hinged Air Return (RAFF) Options


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