Laser Cut Wood Return Air Filter Grille

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Manufacturing time 3-4 weeks


Add some character to your home simply by changing your return air filter grille for your air-conditioning system. The metal grilles that are standard in so many homes are hardly pretty to look at, and they are susceptible to damage and warping over time.

Our Laser Cut Wood Return Air Filter Grilles are custom fit to the opening in your wall or ceiling. They will be delivered ready for staining and installing. Choose any of 26 designs in oak, maple, or cherry veneer and we'll even throw in a washable air filter with your grille or you can use your own!

Follow our simple steps below to install your new wood grille, and add some style to your air-conditioning system!

Step #1 - remove unsightly filter frame Step #2 - Measure the wall opening (height x length) Step #3 - We send these products sanded and ready for finishing. We also include a washable filter.

Step #4 - Paint, stain, and then install the frame Close up of Installation Step #5 - Install filter

Step #6 - Attach the grille cover with the included thumb screws Technical drawing of the installation process

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