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Decorative Resin Wall or Ceiling Vent Covers

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Measuring a vent cover
Unfinished (Egg Shell) Paintable
Painted White (Not Returnable)
Painted Black (Not Returnable)
Painted Brushed Nickel/Silver (Not Returnable)
Painted Oil Rubbed Bronze (Not Returnable)
Painted Brass (Not Returnable)
Heritage (Decorative Frame)
Heritage (Flat Frame)
Iron Ring (Decorative Frame only)
Ribbon (Decorative Frame only)
Manufacturing time is 3-4 weeks
Manufactured at the time of Ordering
Vent Covers Made in the USA


Accentuate Your Vent with Beautiful Decorative Covers

Accentuate your vent with this beautiful resin vent cover. Instead of drawing attention to your vent, this cover actually blends in seamlessly with the rest of your interior decoration, making it a complimentary part of your home. This wall vent cover can also be used as a ceiling vent cover and is perfect for any design, style, and taste singular to your home. No one said you couldn’t make your vent look a little prettier! Shop our decorative vent covers for more options and more ways to make your home beautiful!

  • Formulated to accommodate central air and heat. To ensure this, our products go through thorough heat and cold testing.
  • Unlike metal grilles, our products do not rust, and unlike wood grilles, our products do not splint. Resin grilles are sturdy, durable, strong, and light in weight
  • All painted grilles are NON-RETURNABLE
  • Our products are made in the U.S.A. and has a limited lifetime warranty
  • The standard grille thickness is 1/2".
  • All flat frame grilles (Caspian, Square, Linear, Heritage Flat, Cosmo) have a 1/4" lip on the back the protrudes into your duct.
  • Decorative frame grilles (Ribbon,Iron Ring and Heritage Decorative) have a flat back. The decorative framed grilles will go over your opening and not inside. (See Illustration Below)
  • The manufacturing time for:
    • Unpainted grilles with no damper is 2-4 weeks
    • Unpainted registers with dampers is 4 weeks
    • Painted grilles with or without damper is 4 weeks

Flat Frame Grilles


Back (~1/4" Lip)

Decorative Frame Grilles


Back (no Lip)

Finish & Design Option Gallery

Painted Silver Finish - Linear Pattern

Painted Silver Finish - Iron Ring Pattern

Painted Black Finish - Linear Pattern

Painted Black Finish - Contemporary Pattern

Painted Brass Finish - Caspian Pattern

Painted White Finish - Linear Pattern

Unfinished (Paintable) Egg Shell - Heritage Pattern

Operating Opposing Blade Damper


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