Were There Vent Covers on the Titanic?

Were There Vent Covers on the Titanic?

Posted by Vent Covers Unlimited on Feb 07, 2017

Soon, depending on where you live, the weather will begin to warm and all order will be restored to those in the northern climes. Yes, my friends, spring is almost here and that means getting organized. To most, getting organized is simply a matter of throwing away stuff that is no longer used. At Vent Covers Unlimited, we like to think of it as a time to update your home. Now, we know that you have probably done some upgrades over the years but it is probably time to pull out all of the stops and get dirty. First, however, you need a plan, because, contrary to your opinion of yourself, you are (probably) not a skilled carpenter. I mean you did make a really nice jewelry box in high school but that hardly qualifies you to remodel your home by yourself. Of course, if you are a professional carpenter, you know what I am talking about.

Leave It to the Professionals

If you absolutely need to remodel your home yourself, it is critical that you create a coherent plan. The planning process should include all of the steps of your remodel, right down to the last detail. For instance when you are planning on installing a new hardwood floor in your bathroom, do not forget that you will need trim and vent covers as well. At Vent Covers unlimited we have the largest selection of vent covers, floor registers and custom inserts for doors, windows and cabinets. Think of it, you can match the floor registers in your bathroom with the cabinets in your kitchen, if you live in a studio apartment you bathroom is probably part of the kitchen anyway.

Establish a Theme

Many people like to create a theme in their homes, themes like a whitewashed southern vibe are popular. The feel of your home is dependent on your theme and all aspects need to reflect the spirit of the theme. Things like switchplates, vent covers and baseboards are all critical to establishing your theme. Let’s say you are really into James Cameron, the director, and want to create a home based on his movies. Now, James Cameron has had quite a career in Hollywood and determining the best theme for your home can be difficult. Look for ideas that can mesh seamlessly and will not clash with one another. For instance you could use a movie Cameron wrote, Rambo, and mix in a little fantasy, al la Avatar. Either way it would be awesome! Maybe a Titanic themed bathroom, incorporating the surfer classic Point Break, the possibilities are endless! Much like James Cameron, Vent Covers Unlimited holds the key to pulling the room together in just the right way.

Don’t be discouraged if you reach a dead end in your remodel plan. There are many qualified, local contractors out there that can float you ideas for your remodel. You may even trust one of these fine companies to complete your James Cameron-themed home remodel.