Update Your Kitchen with Custom Door Inserts!

29th Jul 2016

Vent Covers Unlimited offers the highest quality decorative vent covers for your entire home. Our covers can help you elevate the look of your space. We offer a number of finishes sure to fit with your existing decor or to help tie a theme to the rest of the room. Not only do we have custom vent covers, we also carry a full line of custom decorative door inserts for your cabinets and doors.

Why Upgrade Your Cabinets?

The kitchen is the most important room of your home. Meals are prepared and often eaten at the counter, guests congregate around the kitchen island when you entertain, and when it comes time to sell your home, the look of your kitchen can make or break the deal. Making your kitchen look as nice as possible can win over potential buyers in an instant. While you can go to the trouble of a full remodel, one of the easiest ways to improve its appearance is to upgrade your cabinet doors.

Why Use Inserts?

Replacing your cabinetry is an expensive and time-consuming process. You’ll have to hire an expert contractor in order to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. The last thing you want is for your new cabinets to come crashing down from the wall because they were poorly installed. Adding cabinet door inserts can transform the look of your otherwise plain cabinetry without the extra work and expense of custom carpentry.

Our cabinet door inserts are made of steel and aluminum, finished in your choice of colors. Browse our gallery for inspiration and contact us today to discuss your custom design options.