The “Other” Christmas Story

Posted by Vent Covers Unlimited on Dec 19, 2016

Well it is the week of Christmas and all of the joys that come along with this time of year. At Vent Covers Unlimited we are anticipating the happiness this time of year can bring.The presents, the togetherness of gatherings with family and friends, and eggnog. Eggnog is so good. The Christmas tree might be trimmed with keepsake ornaments (If you are into that sort of thing), the festive lights twinkling in the picture window, and the promise of Santa Claus bringing presents down the chimney is on every child’s mind. Don’t have a chimney you say? Well, let us provide you with an alternative.

First thing’s first, grab a new vent cover from our ample selection and install it next to the Christmas tree, preferably in gold because Christmas is saturated in the color gold. While the kids are away from home or asleep, secretly replace your old vent cover with the gorgeous, new one. Wait until the kids notice the new vent cover and then create your own Santa mythology. Take that vent cover and make it part of Christmas that your kids will remember. Tell the children that due to the lack of a chimney in your home, it was necessary for Santa’s elves to install an alternate route for him to get into the house and the gold vent cover is the portal. Have fun with it! Generating excitement is all part of the Christmas experience!

That being said, we wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and an amazing New Year! At Vent Covers Unlimited we thank you for staying a loyal customer and look forward to 2017! Our store is always open and shipping is free for all orders, now who else can say that? We are proud to be your leading vent cover supplier into 2017 and beyond! Cheers!