Easy Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

Sep 08, 2016

Moving into a new apartment is always exciting. There’s the chance to customize your space, rearrange furniture, and get rid of clutter that makes a small space feel even smaller. However, when you move into an apartment, there are certain challenges in decorating that you have to overcome. You don’t own the space, and often times, the landlord places restrictions on what you can and cannot change.

Things You Can Improve

  • Add artwork to your living room. Whether you’re hanging posters or framed pictures, adding artwork elevates the look of your space and helps the apartment feel more like home.
  • Throw rugs make great floor coverings. If you’re not a fan of that flat, tan carpet, toss a throw rug ontop! Not only will you be able to hide that unsightly old carpet, you’ll also protect it from damage, reducing the chance of your security deposit being withheld at the end of your lease.
  • Replace the light switch plates. You don’t have to be stuck staring at that same old white light switch plate that has been there for ten years. Many local hardware stores offer colorful or stylish designs that can replace your existing light switch plates. Just be sure to reinstall the old plates when you move!
  • Upgrade your vent covers with custom vent cover designs! Most apartments opt for plain painted metal vent covers that are designed not to attract attention. Make a statement that matches your decor with a set of custom vent covers from Vent Covers Unlimited.

Don’t settle for a plain apartment. Decorate your space with the help of Vent Covers Unlimited. Browse our selection of custom vent covers and order yours today!