Keep Your Vent Covers Clean by Replacing Your Air Filter!

7th Jun 2016

In our last blog, we discussed the importance of replacing your air filter in order to keep your cooling system green this summer. While a clean air filter may help you save on your electric bill, there are a number of other benefits to replacing the filter. Today, we’ll discuss the importance of regularly replacing your air filter.

Prevent Damage

A clogged air filter can actually damage your heating and cooling system. Cleaning the vent covers and the air intake areas will help keep your filter cleaner longer, but it will eventually need to be replaced. Clogged air filters can cause the evaporator coil to seize, resulting in possible water damage to your home. Furthermore, allowing the dirt to build up in your system can lead to more frequent repairs and maintenance.

Clean Your Air

Air filters remove dust, debris, and allergens as your air conditioner pumps air into your room. When the filter is dirty, it becomes less effective at removing those contaminants. Over time, you may notice a buildup of dust around your vent covers, indicating that it might be time to inspect your air filter.

Extend your System’s Life

Clean air filters combined with routine maintenance will help your cooling system last longer. Be sure to clean the air intake vent cover when you clean your indoor vent covers. The more dust and debris that enters your system, the more quickly your air filter will become dirty and the higher the risk of damaging your system.

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